Pre-Summit Welcome Reception

Heavy hors d’oeuvres open bar reception for all attendees
ISOA Coordinator: Marissa Michel
Location: PWC Rooftop, 1730 Pennsylvania Avenue NW, Washington, DC; POC – Gerald Goss

WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 26, 2016; Day 1 – D1


Registration and Breakfast Buffet

DAY 1 – Session 1

Opening Ceremonies:

Mr. Gerald Goss: Chairman of the ISOA Board of Directors; Mr. Howie Lind: President of ISOA;

Master of Ceremonies: Ambassador (Ret.) David Litt

DAY 1 – Session 2


General John F. Kelly, USMC (retired), recently retired 4-star, last tour was Commander of US Southern Command (SOUTHCOM). Currently, Vice President with The Spectrum Group

“Global Events and Challenges” – Over the last year emerging international events point to an increasingly unstable world. General Kelly will discuss the current and future security environment and the challenges leaders will face addressing these challenges in the coming years.

Introduced by: Major General James Lariviere, USMC (retired)

Grand Ballroom Foyer

Networking Break

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DAY 1 – Session 3A
Grand Ballroom

Plenary Session

Speaker: Mr. Randall McFadden, SES, Director, Acquisition Management and Integration Center, US Air Force Combat Command. He is responsible for over $10B in services programs (total contract value) and over $1B in FY16 execution. He recently assumed the acquisition responsibility for the Counter Narcotics & Global Threats (CN&GT) IDIQ contract, $900M portfolio, and AFCENT’s $1.7B portfolio. He is known for Spearheading Air Combat Command’s acquisition solution to acquire adversary air services. His 34-year career has been from enlisted member, to commissioned officer, to member of Senior Executive Service.

Topic: Acquisition Strategy for the U.S. Air Force

Introduced by: Gerald Goss, Chairman of the ISOA Board of Directors

DAY 1 – Session 3B
Grand Ballroom

Plenary Panel

US Air Force Combat Command

Topic: Acquisition Management and Integration Center (ACC-AMIC)

Acquisition Solutions in Contingency Operations and Non-Traditional Environments. Structuring the contract for future rapid response Task Orders, using the best value continuum based on various factors. Hear directly from the Air Combat Command’s “acquisition arm” and learn how their office is organized and how contractors can better communicate and work with the USG. Discuss important topics associated with Lowest Priced, Technically Acceptable acquisition strategies while gaining a better understanding of how the USG evaluates such responses to their requirements and what they are looking for, as well as what they are not looking for, in an offer.

Moderator: Gerald Goss, Chairman of the ISOA Board of Directors

Panelist: Mr. Randall McFadden, SES, Director, Acquisition Management and Integration Center, US Air Force Combat Command. He is responsible for over $10B in services programs (total contract value) and over $1B in FY16 execution. He is currently spearheading Air Combat Command’s acquisition solution to acquire adversary air services.

Panelist: Mr. Jeffrey Hermann, Deputy Director, Acquisition Management and Integration Center, US Air Force Combat Command. He is responsible for providing cross-functional activity charged with program management of 16 SCAT I and II services acquisition programs valued greater than $6B supporting Air Combat Command and other government agencies.

Panelist: Ms. Della E. Shelton is the Deputy Director of Contracting, HQ Air Combat Command Acquisition Management and Integration Center (AMIC). She is responsible for daily contract operations of the unit, which manages a portfolio of specialized services and commodities contracts valued at over $15B. She also serves as the Small Business Specialist.

Grand Ballroom Foyer

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DAY 1 – Session 4
Grand Ballroom

Summit Luncheon & Keynote

Sponsored by: DynCorp International

Speaker: Alex Thier, formerly a senior official at the US Agency for International Development (USAID), joined ODI from Triple Helix, a US-based consultancy firm which he founded to increase access to off-grid, renewable energy in Africa and Asia.

Topic: With 25 years’ experience as a practitioner, senior government official, UN expert, and advisor on the Rule of Law, international development and poverty eradication – including an extensive period living and working in Afghanistan—Mr. Thier has unparalleled experience as he discusses the strengths, weaknesses and opportunities for international development to play in reducing extreme poverty, improving governance and strengthening the rule of law in developing countries as interacts with diplomacy and defense.

Introduced by: Will Imbrie, Former Chairman of the ISOA Board of Directors

DAY 1 – Session 5
Salon D

Breakout Session 5A:

Topic: The Role of Private Sector Organizations in Transitional Public Security Environments

USG agencies – DOD, DOS and DOJ – and Contractors involved will discuss justice sector development in conflict zones and their respective roles in the institutionalization of a rule of law ethos. The panelists will identify legal authorities, responsibilities and capabilities to shape and implement long term justice sector development with the purpose of enabling a transition to civilian contractors and international actors.

Moderator: William Flavin, Assistant Director, Peacekeeping and Stability Operations Institute (PKSOI), US Army War College, Carlisle, PA

Panelist: Gary Bullard, Assistant Director, Europe, Eurasia and Western Europe, Department of Justice International Criminal Investigative Training Assistance Program (ICITAP)

Panelist: Kelly Uribe, Office of the Secretary of Defense for Policy — Stability and Humanitarian Assistance

Panelist: Michele Greenstein – Department of State Bureau of International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs, Deputy Director, Office of Criminal Justice Assistance and Partnership (INL/CAP)

Salon E

Breakout Session 5B:

Topic: Federal Contracting For Small Businesses Strategic Business Development

Most small businesses don’t have the luxury of large business development shops to search out opportunities, work capture, and write winning proposals. Learn the best strategies for small and emerging businesses to deploy in today’s procurement environment. Our panel of BD experts will discuss: Approaches to making informed bid/ no-bid decisions; Strategies around organizing your BD function/team; Trends in BD functions; Aligning BD with your business goals and capabilities; How to best navigate the federal marketplace and position your company; Winning proposal and business BD strategies.

Moderator: Ryan Bradel, Of Counsel, Greenberg Traurig

Panelist: Joseph Jordan, CEO, FedBid

Panelist: Alex Granados, President, Prescient

Panelist: Jeff Shen, VP, Red Team Consulting

Panelist: Kenneth Dodds, SBA

Grand Ballroom Foyer

Networking Break

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DAY 1 – Session 6
Grand Ballroom

Plenary Session

Topic: Movement Towards the Whole of Government

Moderator: Howie Lind, President ISOA

Speakers: Gary Motsek, Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense, Program Support, Department of Defense; Cathy Read, Director, Acquisition Management, U.S. Department of State

Gary Motsek and Cathy Read are the two individuals who link the private sector to the Departments of Defense and State. Both have been in their positions for an extensive period and both believe that their Departments cannot function without their industry partners. Their vision is to make that partnership more effective. Mr. Motsek and Ms. Read will focus on how the U.S. government contractor community works with the Executive Branch and how the “Whole of Government” approach to contract solicitation, performance, and oversight has been working. Ms. Read will also discuss the new draft RFP on DiPSS.

DAY 1 – Session 7
Salon D

Breakout Session 7A

Topic: How Human Trafficking Federal Acquisition Regulations (FARs) Compliment and Complicate Operational Requirements in US Government Contracts

Panel Description: The regulations on Trafficking in Persons impact all US Government contracts and are particularly challenging when there is significant support by local national and third country national labor. Recently strengthened legislation places significant responsibility on prime contractors to ensure and demonstrate compliance, while meeting contracting requirements within a competitive budget. Achieving compliance, competitiveness and operational efficiency can be challenging. This panel brings together experts representing stakeholders from policy makers to commercial implementers to discuss the challenges and opportunities.

Moderator: James Bond (Former Council for Dyncorp and Deputy Project Manager LOGCAP Afghanistan)

Panelist: Nick Forster, Senior VP Group Business Development, FSI Worldwide

Panelist: Eric Moore – Director Procurement Policy at U.S. Department of State

Panelist: Ronnie Catipon (DoS) Supervisory Special Agent, Diplomatic Security Service, Director, Office of Overseas Protective Operations,Directorate for International Programs Bureau of Diplomatic Security

Panelist: Rob Whitfield, Chief Operating Officer, Patriot Group International

Salon E

Breakout Session 7B

Topic: The “How To’s” for Strong Business Development and Winning Proposals

Moderator: John Matlock, VP, Matlock & Associates

Speaker: Stephanie Zink of Taurus Group Inc., will give you the scoop on upcoming procurements and how to prepare for them. Stephanie is the CEO of TGI and has over 12 years of experience in business intelligence, development, procurement, logistics management, proposal development and capture. Stephanie has led the charge for large, small, and mid tier businesses winning over $100 million in projects.

Speaker: Guy Timberlake of The American Small Business Coalition will discuss understanding, finding and connecting the ‘dots’ using tactics and tools taught in his award winning (as in contracts!) business development and capture program Ethical Stalking for Government Contractors! During his 30 year career as an employee, owner and advisor to small, mid-tier and large companies, Guy has successfully captured or guided the capture of hundreds of millions in revenues stemming from civilian, defense and intelligence agency contracts and subcontracts.

DAY 1 – Session 8
Grand Ballroom Foyer

Cocktail Reception

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Venue: Rick Thompson Jazz Combo

DAY 1 – Session 8
Grand Ballroom


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Venue: Rick Thompson Jazz Combo


After Party

Fire & Sage (cash bar) located on the lobby level at the Marriott at Metro Center



Registration and Breakfast Buffet

Grand Ballroom

Opening Remarks

Ambassador David Litt

DAY 2 – Session 1
Grand Ballroom


Greg Starr, Assistant Secretary, Diplomatic Security, Department of State

Topic: As the Bureau of Diplomatic Security enters its second century protecting Department of State and U.S. government personnel and facilities overseas, Assistant Secretary Gregg Starr faces growing threats from violent extremism, terrorism, cyber threats, and passport and visa fraud. Assistant Secretary Starr will discuss the following topics: his role and that of his 2,000 deployed Regional Security Officers in an increasingly dangerous world in helping U.S. citizens and American companies overseas, the Overseas Security Advisory Council’s role with American companies, and Diplomatic Security’s partnership with the contractor community.

Introduction by: Will Imbrie, Former Chairman of the ISOA Board of Directors

Grand Ballroom Foyer

Networking Break

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DAY 2 – Session 2
Salon D

Breakout Session 2A:

Topic: Private Security Company (PSC) Support for Diplomatic Security

Panel Description: Diplomatic Security Service requirements will be discussed, as well as field operations, and DOS contracting requirements for solicitation, evaluation, and oversight of contractor operations.

Moderator: Greg Craddock, Vice Chairman of the ISOA Board of Directors

Panelist: Ronnie Catipon, Director of the Department of State Office of Overseas Protective Operations

Panelist: Sharon James Sharon James, Contracting Officer for Diplomatic Security

Salon E

Breakout Session 2B:

Topic: International Infrastructure Development from Army, OSD, and DOT Perspectives

Panel Description: What is the current status of LOGCAP V? What infrastructure development lessons learned can be gained from our time in Iraq and Afghanistan? How can the US DOT and Federal Highway Administration transfer this infrastructure development to overseas work.

Moderator: Howie Lind, President ISOA

Panelist: Timothy Hess is the Federal Highway Administration Associate Administrator for Federal Lands. Previously served in USACE in Afghanistan and in Romania.

Panelist: John Johns, Director, Mission Support, Northrop Grumman Technical Services (Former Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Maintenance). Served in Iraq providing advice and training to Iraqi security forces and ministries. Also served a year in Afghanistan as executive director of advice and training, afghan security force sustainment.

Panelist: Jake Adrian from the Army Contracting Command, Rock Island, IL. Mr. Adrian is the Chief of the Reachback Division that executes contracts in support of contingency operations in Iraq, Afghanistan, and many other areas of operation.

DAY 2 – Session 3
Salon D

Breakout Session 3A:

Topic: Security Contracting Certification: Update & Lessons Learned

Panel Description: Private security companies (PSCs) servicing the US Government and other clients are expected to adhere to many standards for the responsible provision of security services. These standards include an international declaration (Montreux Document), an International Code of Conduct (ICoC), among other regulations. This panel will explore these standards and associated requirements and PSCs’ experiences with implementation in complex environments.

Moderator: Rebecca DeWinter Schmitt (Human Analytics, and participant in drafting standards)

Panelist: Alan Donohue (International Code of Conduct Association, Industry Representative)

Panelist: Joseph Gattuso (Sallyport Global)

Panelist: Christopher Mayer (Dir, Armed Contingency Contractor Policies, DoD)

Panelist: Kateri Carmola (MSS Global)

Salon E

Breakout Session 3B:

Topic: Medical in Expeditionary Services

Panel Description: Integrated Medical Care in Expeditionary and Volatile Areas: Real life accounts as a Government Contractor Inside the Wire.

Moderator: Kelly DeConciliis, Remote Medical International (RMI)

Panelist: Dr. Mark Fischer, Medical Director of International Operations, International SOS

Panelist: Dr. Jayson Eversgerd, RMI Corporate Medical Director

Panelist: Dr. Jeff Lee, Vighter

Panelist: Pete James,

DAY 2 – Session 4
Grand Ballroom

Summit Luncheon & Keynote

Sponsored by: Patriot Group International


Alexander Gounares, CEO of Polyverse Corporation

Topic: Are you Safe from Internal and External Cyber Attacks?

Alex Gounares is the founder and CEO of Polyverse Corporation, a cyber security company focused on protecting data center applications from large scale data breaches and disruption. He previously served as AOL’s Chief Technology Officer. Prior to this, Mr. Gounares served at Microsoft as the Technology Advisor to Microsoft Chairman and Founder Bill Gates. Early in his career Alex worked at Los Alamos National Laboratory. He has founded four startups and is also an inventor on more than 200 U.S. patents filed and pending. Alex holds a bachelor’s degree, cum laude, in Computer Science from Princeton University.

Introduced by: Greg Craddock, Vice Chairman of the ISOA Board of Directors

DAY 2 – Session 5
Salon D

Breakout Session 5A:

Topic: Syria, Iraq, and the Broader Middle East – Perspectives from the Defense, Diplomatic, and Development Communities

Panel Description: These policy and program experts will discuss how the humanitarian emergency is impacting U.S. assistance strategies and regional stability and offer specific insights on what to expect in the next 12-24 months.

Moderator: Jeff Grieco, Foreign Policy Consultant

Panelist: Dan Runde, Director, Project on Prosperity Development, Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS)

Panelist: Theresa Whelan, Office of the Secretary of Defense, Special Operations and Low Intensity Conflict

Panelist: Mr. Simon Henshaw, Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary of State (PDAS) for the Bureau of Population, Refugees and Migration Affairs (PRM)

Salon E

Breakout Session 5B:

Topic: Bid Protests

These experts on bid protests will discuss how federal agencies are required to award government contracts in accordance with numerous acquisition laws and regulations. But a party interested in a government contract believes that an agency has violated procurement law or regulation in a solicitation for goods or services, or in the award of a contract, the party may file a bid protest with the Government Accountability Office. GAO provides for the resolution of bid protests.

Moderator: Greg Craddock, Vice Chairman of the ISOA Board of Directors

Panelist: David Hammond, Crowell Moring LLP

Panelist: Kim Pack of Wolf Den Associates

Panelist: Mark DeWitt, Booz Allen Hamilton

DAY 2 – Session 6
Salon D

Breakout Session 6A:

Topic: US Department of Energy

Panel Description: Integrating a reliable, survivable and resilient energy system into stability operations. Where is the focus? Who are the players? What can be done?

Moderator: Gerald Goss, Chairman of the ISOA Board of Directors

Panelist: William Bryan, Former Senior Policy Advisor and Former Deputy Assistant Secretary of Energy for Infrastructure Security and Energy Restoration in DOE’s Office of Electricity Delivery and Energy Reliability (OE). Current Partner of ValueBridge International and President of ValueBridge Energy Group.

Panelist: Tim E. Roxey, Vice President Chief Electric Sector – Information Sharing and Analysis Center, Operations Officer, North American Electric Reliability Corporation

Salon E

Breakout Session 6B:

Topic: Cultural Intelligence – How to Reduce Embarrassment and Build International Relationships in an Operational Environment.

Panel Description: The Protocol School of Washington (PSOW) features this panel to discuss the top five cultural faux pas’ to avoid and the key protocol tips necessary to build lasting business relationships abroad. The PSOW is the only accredited institution providing international protocol and cultural intelligence training to military organizations, government agencies and DoD corporations for more than 27 years.

Moderator: Costa Maroulis, Vice President, AMS

Panelist: Ms. Pamela Eyring, President, The Protocol School of Washington

Panelist: Dr. Sherry Mueller, Distinguished Practitioner in Residence, School of International Service, American University, President Emeritus, Global Ties > U.S. and Co-Author, Working World, 2nd edition

Panelist: Ms. Patricia Pirowski, Defense Executive Liaison Agent, Department of Defense

Panelist: CMSgt (ret) Patrick Moore, The Boeing Company, Customer & Market Engagement, Defense, Space and Security (T)

DAY 2 – Session
7 3:30–3:40pm
Grand Ballroom

Closing Remarks: Ambassador Litt

DAY 2 – Session 8

Members Only Pizza & Beer

Howie Lind & Gerald Goss