Thursday, October 19, 2017 | Grand Hyatt Hotel

All Day

Member’s Lounge (ISOA Members-Only)

Burnham Room

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Registration and Breakfast Buffet

Constitution Ballroom Foyer/Exhibit area


Opening Remarks

David Litt


Keynote Speaker (30 min.)

Ambassador Swanee Hunt

Introduced by Michelle Quinn

Constitution Ballroom

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Breakout Session 3A (60 min.)

The Roles and Challenges of Women in Stabilization Operations

Moderator: Ambassador Swanee Hunt
Panelists: Mina Chang, Joe Bongiovi, Leslie Schweitzer, Kim Field

Constitution Ballroom

Breakout Session 3B (45 min.)

Global health and stability are inextricably linked. Hear this august panel discussing Contingency Medical Operations.

Moderator: James Lariviere
Panelists: Dr. Tom Crabtree, Dr. Jayson Eversgerd, Patrick Lobdell, Dan Jones

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Networking Break

Exhibit Area


Breakout Session 4A (60min.)

Afghanistan and Iraq Tax Issues: A Model for Total Force Relations with Host Nation Governments

Moderator: Howie Lind
Panelists: Ward Scott, Kevin Doxey, Tom Lampley

Constitution Ballroom

Breakout Session 4B (60 min.)

What is Duty of Care in a contingency zone? Contractors are required to provide DBA insurance coverage for their employees. Are you compliant?

Moderator: Lynne Schneider
Panelists: Reps from Clements Worldwide, The Graham Company, Ryan Bradel

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5 Tactics, Tools, and Resources for Improving BD Outcomes

Moderator: Kelley Deconciliis
Speakers: Guy Timberlake and Stephanie Zink

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Plenary Session (45 min.)

Department of State and Department of Defense Perspectives on Contracting for Logistics and Construction

Moderator: Will Imbrie
Speakers: Will Moser, Alan Estevez

Constitution Ballroom

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Breakout Session 5A (45 min.)

US Administration Policy towards Peacekeeping and Post-Conflict Stabilization

Moderator: William Flavin
Panelists: Dr. Joseph Collins, Mark Swayne, Beth Cole, Eric Gaudiosi

Constitution Ballroom

Breakout Session 5B (45 min.)

Human and Labor Trafficking: Defeating Modern Day Slavery

Moderator: Nick Forster
Panelists: Ryan Berry, Amber Caulkins, Sharon James (TBD Linda Dixon)

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Networking Break

Exhibit Area

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Breakout Session 6A (45 min.)

Not On My Watch: Stress, Trauma and Resiliency in Stability Operations

Moderator: Greg Craddock
Panelists: Dr. Siddharth Shah, Rebecca Zimmerman, Dr. Sharon Craddock, Michael O’Neill

Constitution Ballroom

Breakout Session 6B (45 min.)

New U.S. – Afghanistan Compact: Key non-military components and Future Role of India in Afghan Development

Moderator: Jeffrey Grieco
Panelists: Ambassador Hamdullah Mohib, Greg Huger, Henry Ensher

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Closing Remarks

David Litt

Constitution Ballroom


New Chairman’s Reception

Greg Craddock, introduced by John Matlock

Cabinet Restaurant

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