Greg Huger serves as Assistant to the Administrator for the Office of Afghanistan and Pakistan Affairs, leading USAID’s efforts for two of the Agency’s largest country programs. He brings considerable experience to this role from his leadership positions with USAID, Peace Corps, Deere and Company, Bechtel National Inc., and Unocal Corporation.

He has extensive regional experience, and recently served as the USAID/Pakistan Deputy Mission Director for FATA/KP where he led the Agency’s efforts to stabilize tribal areas on the border of Afghanistan and Pakistan and managed a $1.2 billion program to restore local public services, build more than 1,000 kilometers of road, and irrigate 1 million acres of land. As USAID/Afghanistan’s Senior Development Advisor in Regional Command East embedded with the US Military, he played a leading role in the development and implementation of a strategy, program and team to support the stabilization and transition to Afghan control in eastern Afghanistan.

He has a Bachelor’s degree in history from Georgetown University, attended the Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies, and holds the rank of Minister Counselor in the US Foreign Service.