Leslie Schweitzer, an expert in international affairs, international trade and complex private/public sector relationships, currently serves as the CEO, President and Founder of Friends of American University of Afghanistan (FAUAF), a 501c3 that supports higher education, female empowerment and entrepreneurism in Afghanistan.

For more than 40 years, Schweitzer has accumulated a unique combination of owning and running businesses in emerging and post-conflict markets with designing and facilitating business development and capacity building projects throughout the world. She has amassed on-the-ground experience in more than 20 countries.

In Afghanistan, Schweitzer significantly raised awareness of women’s and educational issues. Through her leadership the International Center for Afghan Women’s Economic Development in Kabul, Afghanistan, was created and is dedicated to building collaboration in support of economic empowerment of Afghan women. In addition, she has developed sustainable innovation hubs in Kabul and Herat, each of which generates entrepreneurism throughout Afghanistan.

Prior to her work with FAUAF, she served as the Senior Trade Advisor for the US Chamber of Commerce and was one of the first American women to do business in China. Currently, Schweitzer is the CEO of the Osage Group, an international consulting company focused on economic development in third world countries.