As the US Territory Crisis Leader for PwC’s Global Crisis Centre, Marissa Michel helps clients build, maintain, and improve upon their crisis programs, teams, and response capabilities. She also works with corporate and government clients to proactively mitigate threats and vulnerabilities that could lead to crisis, bringing a range of capabilities from intelligence monitoring to crisis simulation and testing.

When clients find themselves facing a crisis, she also leads teams that provide on-call response services, helping her clients bring together the right stakeholders, gather and analyze intelligence and information, and make decisions to end the crisis quickly and return to “business as usual.” She brings these experiences, as well as her background as an US intelligence officer, to coordinate PwC’s efforts to bring crisis-trusted advisors to clients. As a working mother of two boys, she has also been an author and advocate of women’s issues in the workplace.

Marissa Michel earned a Master’s of Letters in the International Security Studies Program at the University of St. Andrews, where she received a full scholarship from the Ernest Ransome Trust for academic and athletic achievement. She also earned her undergraduate degree in International Security Studies from American University.