Tine Knott is the Vice President of the Center for Secure and Stable States where she provides strategic leadership of DAI’s work in fragile states. For the three years prior, she was DAI’s Managing Director for Governance, Transition, and Stability, where she was responsible for the company’s portfolio of good governance, stabilization, political transition, preventing and countering violent extremism, peace building, citizen security, and public financial management work. From 2011 to 2013, Tine held senior business development and technical expert positions with DAI.

Before joining DAI, she spent more than 15 years with the US Agency for International Development (USAID) in Washington, D.C., and the field, including assignments in Ghana, Jordan, Mozambique, and Peru. In her final USAID assignment as the Senior Development Advisor in Jordan, Tine developed cross-sectoral and politically sensitive programming in human rights, good governance, and poverty and was responsible for public outreach and management of relationships with host government counterparts, other US government agencies, civil society, and media.

Prior to her career in development, Tine Knott spent time in Nigeria teaching at the University of Ibadan and participating in the pro-democracy movement. She earned her Master’s degree in international development at the University of Pennsylvania.