Ward Scott is an American commercial lawyer, based in Kabul, Afghanistan. He is founder and President of Scott Advocates PLLC, a New Hampshire, USA law firm with offices in New Hampshire, USA and Kabul, with correspondent offices in Washington, DC, and globally. He also serves as a member of the Steering Committee of the Overseas Security Advisory Council – Afghanistan Country Council based at the American Embassy in Kabul, where he previously served as Chairman.

His law firm serves as legal counsel to US-friendly and Allied diplomatic missions, NGOs, and private firms in the development, defense, energy and aviation sectors, across a wide array of commercial and compliance matters. The firm also assists Western law firms engaged in, or contemplating litigation touching upon Afghanistan or other conflict/post-conflict areas, as well as performing outside investigations concerning critical incidents and other matters in such areas.

Prior to founding the law practice, Ward Scott served as Senior Advisor for Parliamentary Affairs to two country? Ministers of Interior Affairs. A retired US Marine Colonel, he commanded the 201st Corps Advisory Group, consisting of 300 Allied advisors operating throughout 10 provinces, and as military advisor to the then-Corps Commander, General Mohammed Munir Mangal, who later became the Deputy Minister for Security, Ministry of Interior Affairs.