Chris Costa

Chris Decker

President and Founder of Planate Management Group

Chris Decker, President and Founder of Planate Management Group, has over 30 years of military and civilian installation management experience while in uniform, as a senior government civilian, and as a contractor. Since 2007, he has led a diverse team of technical experts experienced in working in some of the most complex and difficult environments worldwide. He and his team of experts provide planning, design, construction, and professional services solutions for clients across the globe. Mr Decker’s experience in facilities management and acquisition while serving as a US Navy Civil Engineer Corps Officer/SEABEE culminated in becoming the US Navy’s first Public Safety Director and principal resourcing sponsor for a $9 billion program installation for combating terrorism following September 11, 2001. Mr Decker has spent a considerable amount of time in Central Asia, North Africa, Southwest Asia, and Eastern Europe working closely through synergistic relationships with businesses and institutions performing engineering, construction, logistics, security, and related services. Mr Decker is the President and Founder of Worldwide B2B Services which provides individualized partnering and consultation services to other business in the federal space. Mr Decker is the Principal Officer and founder of the Navy Safe Harbor Foundation (NSHF) and Fashion for Fighters Foundation (FFF). His non-profit work under these 501(c)(3) foundations directly supports the recovery of seriously