Michael Ussery

Former U.S. Ambassador

Former U.S. Ambassador Michael Ussery has led major investments and development projects in East Europe, Asia and Africa. Ussery is a founder of numerous companies and non-profit organizations; and a strategic advisor and board member to leading corporations and start-ups. In 2018 the State Department awarded him the “Senior Advisor” contract role for one year to help launch the new Conflicts and Stabilization Operations Bureau.

Ussery is Vice Chairman of Kima Communications, a media company that has worked with more than 60 countries the past 20 years. Since 2009, he has been Chairman of the CalErin Group investment firm in East Europe. He is Chairman of Kukhula – Tech, a business conference firm in Europe and the US. In 2017 Ussery co-founded Hellas Investment Management, focused on distressed hospitality investments in Greece. He also advises San Leon Energy in London. Non-profit work at present includes serving as a Founder and Board of Director of the Chinese American Museum in Washington DC and the US – Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce. He is on the Advisory Boards of Corps Africa and the International Stability Operations Association.

From 2000 to 2014 Ussery was a Global Adviser to the General Dynamics. In 2001, he was appointed by the Governor of Virginia as one of six Commissioners of the Vint Hill Economic Development Authority, turning a former U.S. military base into a business park. In international higher education, Michael Ussery is President of CAUA, analyzing, planning and organizing American universities overseas. Previously, Ussery was Chairman and President 2002 – 2006 of the Coordinating Council for International Universities (CCIU) that planned the American University of Afghanistan.

Michael Ussery was appointed by President Reagan in 1988 to be U.S. Ambassador to Morocco, at that time the youngest serving U.S. Ambassador. He was re-appointed by President Bush in 1989 and confirmed unanimously 98 – 0 by the U.S. Senate.