Rochelle J. Lipsitz

Vice President, International SOS Government Services, Inc.

Rochelle is currently ISOA’s Treasurer and Board Member. At International SOS, she is responsible for BD/US Government Services.

Previously, Rochelle served as the Deputy Director General (SES) of the U.S. & Foreign Commercial Service (FCS). She was responsible for the overall management and operations of 260 worldwide offices with a staff of over 1600 employees in 70 countries. She focused on coordination amongst 20 U.S. Federal Agencies/Departments to assist U.S. companies in securing and increasing international contracts. She was an advocate for opening markets and increasing U.S. exports in a variety of industries.

Before DOC, she was the Deputy Assistant Administrator for International Programs (SES) at the TSA; and Director, Office of International Affairs within FEMA. In both capacities at DHS, she dealt extensively with HHS, primarily CDC, to develop emergency response processes for tuberculosis and SARs pandemics.

Rochelle formerly served as the Vice Chairman, for the U.S. Mission, of the NATO Civil Emergency Planning Coordination Committee, where she coordinated emergency management-technical assistance and training programs with USACE, USAID, OFDA, Combatant Commands, and IDB.

Rochelle received degrees from American University and University of Missouri. Rochelle is a member of the Council of Foreign Relations and past Board Member at OSAC.